The 12th Carolus Magnus Summer School is happy to have Leuven as host town. How to sum Leuven up in a single word? Frankly, it's impossible. Regardless of whether you are a seasoned city-tripper, a cultural values hunter or a fervent shopper, you will always find your needs more than adequately met in Leuven. Capital city of beer, good taste and shopping enjoyment, but also the guardian of religious and cultural heritage and centre of expertise and innovation.

Leuven & history

Wherever you are in Leuven, you are surrounded by the rich history of this university city and you encounter university students. Hardly surprising when you realize that more than 40,000 Belgian and foreign students are drawn to the number one Flemish university city in pursuit of their bachelor's or master's degree every year. Leuven and the University of Leuven have been inseparable for nearly six centuries. That makes Leuven a students' city, of course. The young people constitute nearly half of the total population, which results in an exciting atmosphere and pleasant busyness in a city that lives at the rhythm of student life. The connection between Leuven, its university, colleges and students gives the city a unique atmosphere created by a mix of culture, entrepreneurship, research and future-oriented thinking, creativity, a sense of the future, friendships and parties.

You can download a city guide at Leuven Tourist Info (from which the above info was thankfully borrowed).

Transport: How to get there?

It is very easy to travel to Leuven. The Brussels International Airport is 28km from Leuven and there is a direct train connection to the CMSS12 host city. From the train station buses leave to various destinations in and near town, but Leuven is a small city and you can just as well enjoy your first walk through Leuven when you go from the station to the student accommodation where you will be staying. The participants will be accommodated in De Vesten.

Arrangements for check-in

The CMSS organisers will be waiting for you at the hotel La Royal located at the Leuven train station ( map ) on Sunday, 23/08/2015 from 12h00 until 20h00. People arriving later will be given a telephone number to contact the organisers.

Please find a few maps to find your way to the CMSS venue:

- Map of the route of bus 2 that leaves at the train station and comes very close (a few minutes walking) both to the accommodation and the lecture hall.

- Time table of of bus #2 for Mon - Fri and for Sun.

- Map indicating the accommodation De Vesten.

- Detailed map of De Vesten.

- Map indicating all locations important for the summer school (dorms, food, lectures).

- General map of Leuven so that you can navigate on foot if you want (half an hour from the train station to the accommodation).

Accomodation & lecture location

The summer school lectures will be held in the Thermotechnical Institute, a subdepartment of the KU Leuven Civil Engineers Department located just outside the city and near the Arenberg Castle, home of the Engineering Department. The castle is owned by the university since 1916. It was built in the 16th century and is an example of traditional Flemish brick and sandstone architecture. The building also has elements from the late Gothic period, Renaissance, and 19th century Neo-Gothic. The castle is the heart of a green oasis, and the Sciences and Technology campus.

The accommodation and the lecture hall are in 10-15’ walking distance one from the other. Download the attached map to get your local bearings!

Tourism & what to do?

After a full lecture day, spending a bit of time exploring Leuven is a must. Visiting the Oude Markt of Leuven is literally queuing up to the longest bar in Europe. You will not find more restaurants and cafés together anywhere than you will in this unique square. With the exception of a school and the administration buildings of the University of Leuven, almost every building is a café or restaurant. Hardly surprising, then, that the Oude Markt is the number one meeting spot in Leuven.

For the weekend in between the 2 lecturing weeks, plenty of tourism possibilities are within easy reach: Leuven itself has plenty of beautiful spots. To name just one, you can explore the Great Beguinage and get the impression you have been warped several centuries back in time. Various cities (Brussels, Antwerp, …) are easily reached in a short time by train. And more romantic souls can just take a walk to the Zoete Waters (‘Sweet Waters’). Until the 17th century, this area was a big swamp, until 5 ponds were dug out, after which the Zoete Waters quickly became an ideal destination for a Sunday visit. You can take a walk in the surrounding forests of Heverlee and Meerdaal, enjoy food or a drink, or you can visit the picturesque little castle, a remainder of the Castle of Steenbergen that once stood here.

Brief info on registration (See registration page!)

The fee for the school is 1000 Euro. This fee includes a copy of the proceedings, the accommodation from Sunday evening August 23th, 2015 to Friday afternoon September 4th, 2015 and all meals on lecture days as well as the excursions and the conference dinner.

Limited funds will be available for sponsoring of students whose institutions cannot carry the complete cost of their participation. All applications for funding should be accompanied by a letter of recommendation provided by the respective scientific supervisor or institute director.



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Local Chairman KU Leuven
Prof. Stefaan Poedts
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