Talks as presented at CMSS13 in Weerterbergen (September 2018) are published here password protected as soon as they become available

AT-1+2 D. Reiser "Introduction to Drift Wave Turbulence"

BT-1+2 H.J. de Blank "Guiding Center Motion"

DI-3 A. Krämer-Flecken "MW & FIR Diagnostics"

DI-5 A. Kreter "Diagnostics for plasma-material interaction studies"

EI-3 H.R. Koslowski "Operational Limits and Limiting Instabilities in Tokamak Machines"

EI-4 S.E. Sharapov "Energetic Particle-Driven Instabilities: Theory and Experiment"

EP-3 S. Wiesen and M.Z. Tokar "Modelling radiative power exhaust and impurity transport"

FM-1+2 M. Van Schoor "Fusion Machines"

HC-4 F. Louche "The Coupling of Electromagnetic Energy to Plasmas"




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