Proceedings of 12th CMSS (2015 in Leuven) are published open access by the Forschungszentrum Jülich Publishing House. Please use the link towards the end of the page ("OpenAccess: PDF") to download the complete proceedings in a single PDF file (80 MB). The records for individual papers including separate PDFs can be accessed by clicking the paper titles.

Proceedings of 12th CMSS cover mostly the contents of 13th CMSS (2018 in Weert). There are a number of newer versions of papers provided here password protected for the participants of 13th CMSS.

KT-1 S. Poedts "Kinetic Plasma Theory: an Introduction"

EI-3 H.R. Koslowski "Operational Limits and Limiting Instabilities in Tokamak Machines"

TT-1+2 P. Helander "Classical and Neoclassical Transport"

AT-1+2 D. Reiser "Introduction to Drift Wave Turbulence Models"

EP-3 S. Wiesen and M.Z. Tokar "Modelling radiative power exhaust and impurity transport"

DI-5 A. Kreter "Diagnostics for plasma-material interaction studies"




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