Registration deadline is 30 June 2021.

The registration is two-step. First, fill in the registration form. Second, your supervisor has to submit a letter of support, preferably by email ( Here is an example of the letter of support:

"Dear Organizers of the 14th Carolus Magnus Summer School on Plasma and Fusion Energy Physics,
hereby I would like to express my support for the participation of [Mr/Ms Firstname Lastname], [Phd/Master/Bachelor] student in our research group, in the Carolus Magnus Summer School taking place from 20/09/2021 to 1/10/2021 as a virtual event. I ensure that [Mr/Ms Firstname Lastname] will be released from [his/her] regular duties during this time period.
(Optional:) [Mr/Ms Firstname Lastname] will submit an abstract and, in the case of admission to the Carolus Magnus Summer School, a 10 min presentation on [his/her] research topic ["Working Title"].
[Academic degree Firstname Lastname]
[Organisation and Department]"

Your registration is only complete with the submitted registration form AND the letter of support from your supervisor. You will be informed about the acceptance to the Summer School by 31 July 2021.

Accepted participants will have an opportunity to submit a 10 minutes presentation of their research work (pre-recorded oral). We will make the presentations available for password protected download to other participants. The best presentations will be awarded special prizes. If you intend such a presentation, please submit a corresponding one-page abstract by 30 June 2021. An abstract template is available here. Please submit it as PDF by email (

The fee for the Summer School is 0 (zero). However, the number of participants will be limited to 90 due to organisational issues. The CMSS Programme Committee will select participants by various criteria including submitted abstracts. Therefore we encourage you submitting a one-page abstract on your research work.

After completing the Summer School, participants will be issued corresponding certificates, which i.e. can be used to earn credits with their universities.


If you register via internet as a participant for any of the events run by the TEC, your personal information will be stored by us. The personal data will also be passed on to the respective organiser of the event. The data will solely be used for registration and organisation purposes. The data will not be used for any other purpose. The provision of data upon registration implies agreement to their use for this purpose.


Please proceed to the registration form.




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